A Chance to Win Every Day in May

Our past Calendar Raffles were so much fun that we are bringing it back for May! Winners will be drawn EVERY day in May. Each entry is only $10 – for 31 chances to win!.

Winners will be contacted and winning numbers will be announced here and on our Facebook page.

As with all Concord Lions fundraisers, all proceeds will support Lions Clubs charities. Thank you for your support.

Enter to Win!

In Person
Get your calendar raffle ticket from any Concord Lion. We will be selling tickets around town throughout the month of April. Locations will be posted here soon. Come see us!

 By Mail
Or purchase a raffle ticket by mail! Click HERE or on the Calendar Raffle image (right) to get a copy of an unassigned ticket. Print a copy and complete the contact information section. Cut off the bottom portion and mail it with your $10 donation to:

Concord Lions Club
P.O. Box 382
Concord MA 01742

We will assign your entry a raffle number and enter it for you.

 By EMail
Or contact us at to reserve your entry now!

Fabulous Prizes!

With a prize drawn every day in May – there are many things to win. Prizes for this year’s Raffle will be announced soon, but past prizes have included:

  • Five CASH Prizes of $150
  • Discovery Museum passes
  • 6 months of bread (1 loaf per week) at Nashoba Bakery ($100 value)
  • And gift certificates to many fine establishments, including:
    • Applebees
    • Atlantic Sea Grille
    • Concord Teacakes
    • Crosby’s Market
    • Crossroads in Acton
    • Dino’s Restaurant
    • Lowe’s
    • Papa Razzi
    • Reasons to be Cheerful
    • Salt Box Kitchen
    • TJ Maxx
    • Trail’s End
    • Twin Seafood

Thank you to all of our sponsors for providing these fabulous prizes!

And the November 2017 Winners Were...

We will announce each day’s winner here and on our Facebook page. All winners will be contacted by phone or email.

Date Prize Winner
 11/01/17 $50 TJ Maxx gift certificate  Claire M.
 11/02/17 $25 Concord Teacakes gift certificate  Henry K.
 11/03/17 $50 Papa Razzi gift certificate  Bill B.
 11/04/17 $150 CASH!  Mary C.
 11/05/17 $25 Applebee’s gift certificate  Alex B.
 11/06/17 $50 Saltbox Kitchen gift certificate  Karen E.
 11/07/17 5 passes to the Discovery Museums  Pamela H. #0323
 11/08/17 $50 Trail’s End gift certificate  Nancy R. #0098
 11/09/17 $50 Crossroads Cafe gift certificate  Anne L. #0358
 11/10/17 $150 CASH!  Ray P. #0531
 11/11/17 $50 Dino’s Restaurant gift certificate  Paul A. #0080
 11/12/17 $150 CASH!  Azalan S. #0204
 11/13/17 $25 Crosby’s Marketplace gift certificate  Pedro H. #0364
 11/14/17 $50 Trail’s End gift certificate  Mary Ellen K. #0119
 11/15/17 A loaf of bread from Nashoba Brook Bakery every week for 6 months!  Susan D. #0064
 11/16/17 $25 Concord Teacakes gift certificate  Jack W. #0338
 11/17/17 $50 TJ Maxx gift certificate  Virginia S. #0115
 11/18/17 $50 Crosby’s Marketplace gift certificate  Pedro H. #0368
 11/19/17 $50 Atlantic Sea Grill gift certificate  Peg W. #0088
 11/20/17 $25 Reasons to Be Cheerful gift certificate  Reinhard G.
 11/21/17 5 passes to the Discovery Museums  David M.
 11/22/17 $50 Crossroads Cafe gift certificate  Pedro H. #0373
 11/23/17 $25 Trail’s End gift certificate  Julie B.
 11/24/17 $150 CASH!  Anne L.
 11/25/17 $50 Lowe’s gift certificate  Margaret M.
 11/26/17 2 lobsters from Twin Seafood  Kristen T.
 11/27/17 $50 Papa Razzi gift certificate  Margaret M.
 11/28/17 $50 Trail’s End gift certificate  Paul A.
 11/29/17 $25 Applebee’s gift certificate  Karen R.
 11/30/17 $150 Cash  Peter M. #0219