Concord Lions – Please keep the following information in mind when collecting eyeglasses for recycling.

RecycleFSColorCollection Procedure

  • Please check your recycle boxes regularly. If the box itself is in bad shape notify the eyeglass recycle chairperson so we can order a replacement. (We still might have a few boxes in stock.)
  • Empty the recycle box and place it back in the site. Try to make sure that the box is in a visible place.
  • At home or elsewhere, but not at the recycle site, sort in the following manner:
    • Place all regular glasses in one small box and sunglasses in another
    • Remove and throw away any and all eyeglass cases and holders.  We do not ship them.
    • Note that broken metal frames are accepted, as they can be repaired
    • Remove and throw away any broken plastic rims. We do not ship them.
    • Remove and throw away any loose lenses. We do not ship them.
    • If you are not able to sort the glasses, contact Lion Christine, who will sort them
  • Complete your Eyeglass Report Form:
    Eyeglass Report Form (PDF)
    Eyeglass Report Form (DOC)
  • Bring your small boxes of eyeglasses to either a General Dinner Meeting or a Business meeting. Our club can collect all the glasses into one package and we bring them to the district Advisory or to the District Eyeglass Recycle Chairperson.

Collection Box Responsibiliites

The Lion responsible for each of the collection boxes is listed in the description field of the box location marker on the Map on the Eyeglass Collection page. For your convenience, you can also print the responsibility sheet:

Eye Glass Pickup Sites and Responsible Lions (PDF)
Eye Glass Pickup Sites and Responsible Lions (DOC)