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2018-2019 Board Installed

At the June 2018 Dinner Meeting, in a well organized, efficient ceremony, past District Governor Lion Joan Parcewski installed the 2018-2019 Officers and Board of Directors of the Concord Lions Club.

Lions Sandra Weakland takes on the roll of President and King Lion, with support from Dan Reilly, who has served as President for the past three years, and now will be assisting as first Vice President.

The full board for the coming year is as follows:

President Sandie Weakland
1st Vice President Dan Reilly
2nd Vice President Jeff Altschuler
Treasurer Claire May
David Hayes, Jr.
Secretary Cheryl McGIvern
Sherry Mobley
Membership Ray Phillips
Paul Levine
Lion Tamer Bob Brown
Tail Twister Christine Evans
Board of Directors
Andrew Evans
Richard Vargas-Vila
Karen Dunnigan
Bob Marquis
Nancy Crowley