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Special Awards Given at June 14th Meeting

At the June 14th meeting of the Concord Lions, King Lion Dan Reilly and special honored guests Past International Director Chuck Kostro made several well-deserved award presentations.

160614_Dinner_10x600Lion Richard Vargas-Vila was awarded the William T Murphy Sight Award for his many years of service with the Lions working to further the cause of eye research. Lion Richard explained that one of the reasons he is committed to eye research is that he and his wife realized shortly after they met that they each had close friends who were blind.

160614_Dinner_9x600King Lion Dan presented a new award, the Norman & Joan Dee Award for the Commitment to Service, in honor of past Concord Lions, Norman & Joan Dee. Two Lions received the award, Lion Dave Hayes and Lion Sandra Weakland. Both are relatively new Lions, having joined last year, and have already shown great dedication to Lionism.